Our mission is to enable anyone to make a creative income.

At CENT, we build tools to help people build an audience, share content and creations, and monetize their business.

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We are creative, smart, authentic, and experimental.

CENT is 100% ad-free. We first launched in 2017 as a social network and informal platform for creative experimentation. Our original blogging service lives on today as our community, beta.cent.co. CENT’s founding team includes Cameron Hejazi, Katie Geminder, Max Brody, and Andrew Morreale.

In 2020 — as an experiment to show that creative content originally published off the blockchain can be monetized on chain—CENT created Valuables, a marketplace where iconic tweets can be auctioned as NFTs. Jack Dorsey famously sold his first tweet on Valuables for $2.9M USD.

CENT Pages launched in 2022, providing creators and artists with a super easy NFT-publishing studio with a hosted webpage that can be easily customized and styled. Empowering creators that want to own, build, and manage their audience as direct email subscribers and notifying subscribers of each new release, with just a few clicks, and no technical knowledge or crypto required.

In 2023, we launched The Collect Button, allowing creators to bring the power of CENT Pages to their own website.

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