Easily create authentic Digital Collectibles for your Shopify store. Find out more.

Make it official.

Transform your offerings into Collectibles—creating official, digital signatures on the Blockchain. Begin sharing and building your community around Collectibles, now.

Create new experiences by leveraging the Blockchain.

Easily unlock the Web3 technology that does more for you and your subscribers, customers, and fans!


Get more email subscribers by giving your customers branded Collectibles as a thank-you gift for their emails.


Create something unique for your community with token-gated experiences, special offers, and limited edition drops.

Digital Twins

Include Digital Twins of your products during checkout, so your customers can wear/show off/engage with your brand in the Metaverse, too.

Live streams & TV

Make social-viewing even more social by making moments collectable and enabling in-view purchases.


Make moments last forever by turning tickets into unique Collectibles that allow fans to socialize beyond the physical boundaries of your event.


Say thank-you to your donors with unique, limited edition digital art.

NFT drops

Create a custom-branded NFT collection and launch within minutes.

Art & Music

Transform your art into unique Collectibles and showcase them to a global audience.

Website Integration

Easily install The Collect Button on your website and transform your existing assets into Collectibles.

We love what we’re hearing.


The team at Cent has a long-standing record of shipping creator-centric tools and resources that are easy to use and understand, even for those brand-new to blockchain.


I ❤️ Cent!

Max Yampolsky

If you’re a website owner looking to get into NFTs and protect your digital goodies, The Collect Button is a total game-changer for you. Highly appreciated.

Ghost Agent

I’m a big fan of their work. They have pivoted from what was essentially a web3 blogging platform to a user-friendly account-based digital publishing + collecting service and continue to iterate and refine the offer. 🏆

Pavan Sethi

The Collect Button is a glimpse into what the future of the creator economy will look like—direct creator/fan relationships embedded into the places we already frequent online.


😮 All 500 were collected in these 2 days. That’s something amazing. Thank you all 😂 @Cent

Lawrence Lee

I’ve been minting NFTs since 2019 and count The Collect Button as absolutely the easiest workflow I’ve used. It could be a boon to Creators and Collectors alike, and I highly recommend that you give it a try yourself.


@Cent is perfect for people without cryptocurrency as it requires a credit card and makes you a new Cent wallet. It also uses traditional email lists.


So easy to use, I thought it’s off-chain first, but its collectibles are actual on-chain NFTs.