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Milfdad Collectible Pink Socks@pet3pan_ tweet about @MilfdadOfficial and @Cent socks

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Token-gated discount on PIET website

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Event Collectibles

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To increase the joy of being an early supporter of their limited edition book about African sport, South African surf fashion brand Mami Wata rewarded early supporters with a unique digital collectible of the book cover.

Our customers also love the new offering of a digital collectible!
—Toni Wilkinson, Mami Wata

Boosted Success
Remarkable 40% increase in collect conversion rates.

Early Delight
Fans received instant gratification before the book shipped.

Community Catalyst
Fans comments sparked a micro community around the collectible.

Impressive Impact
10x number of impressions compared to number of sales.

Mami Wata NFT Digital Collectible

Having launched collaborations with all-stars like the NBA, Champion, and Nike, streetwear brand PIET is Brazil’s new shooting star in streetwear. Just in time for its newest collaboration with Oakley, PIET enabled their fans to collect every single fashion piece as a digital collectible as an expression of fandom, not only on the street but online, too.

We made the strategic decision to forge an alliance with the CENT crew because of their commitment to developing a tailored and profitable solution aligned perfectly with our business objectives.
—w3bgus, PIET

Collectibles Frenzy
More than 440 digital collectibles are already boosting awareness.

Elevated Excitement
Increased engagement through special perks to holders of collectibles.

Digital Wardrobe Flourishes
Fans started adding the digital fashion pieces to their digital collections.

PIET tee NFT digital collectible

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