Revolutionize your store with digital twins.

10x impressions 👀 for your brand by allowing shoppers to collect a digital twin of any product on Shopify.

CENT Shopify Plugin on moblile

What is a digital twin?

A digital twin is a next generation proof of purchase. On the surface, it’s an engaging image of your product. Under the hood, it’s a tamper-proof guarantee that your customers bought your product and a key to a new kind of community.

Elevate your Shopify store with digital twins.

Optimize your checkout

Collecting a digital twin gets shoppers across the checkout line by adding value.

Enter the metaverse

Give shoppers a digital twin to wear online, while showcasing your brand too.

Unlock unused inventory

Putting your assets on-chain leverages unused inventory for exponential growth.

Win new audiences

One checkout at a time, your brand becomes discoverable in the Web3 world.

Make it official

Verify ownership by putting digital receipts on the blockchain.

Seamless integration

The plugin is so easy, you can get started before you finish saying digital twin.