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Own authenticated pieces that open doors to exclusive artist interactions, potential value growth, and a buzzing innovative community.

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It’s like having a backstage pass to the future of music—with exclusive digital tracks, potential value growth, and VIP access to events.

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Own authenticated digital fashion pieces: offering rarity, authenticity, potential value growth, and access to exclusive events and experiences.

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Whether you’re an artist or a collector, our platform offers a seamless space to showcase your prized NFTs and connect with fellow enthusiasts. Take a peek!

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CENT is perfect for people without cryptocurrency as it requires a credit card and makes you a new wallet. It also uses traditional email lists.
—bitpixi.eth, @bitpixi

So easy to use, I thought it’s off-chain first, but its collectibles are actual on-chain NFTs.
—holger_no, Product Hunt

Yooo! This made NFTs super accessible especially for those just being onboarded into the web3 space. Really cool stuff you have here guys!
—Victor Nwaejie, Product Hunt